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Team building has emerged in recent years as a simple but effective way to improve relationships between colleagues and to build a team within a structure. And although team building is today something popular among companies, the wide variety of activities on offer makes the concept still unclear for some people.

Follow the guide, we will explain everything about team building and our activities!

Team building: what is it?

Let’s start with the basics, team building: quèsaco?

You will have guessed it, team building is a word borrowed from our English-speaking friends which literally means “team building”. The purpose of this type of activity will be to strengthen the bonds and team cohesion between the members of it through various challenges or trials.

Strengthening teamwork and team spirit to achieve a healthy working environment and real team cohesion: this is the goal of team building.

Our team building activities

Team building activities are numerous, and the number of structures offering them are just as numerous. But among all the choices available to you for your seminar, you will notice that certain types of activities come back more often than others and for good reason. Rallies, “Olympiads”, surveys, sporting challenges, treasure hunts, escape game are all possible team building activities that you can do with colleagues!

And in order to best meet your needs, Vignévasion has put together a large selection of varied team building activities to weld and unite your teams. You can find all of our team building activities on our “seminar and team building” page.

Team building in Aix en Provence

Vignévasion organizes 100% turnkey, eco-responsible team building events for you, including transport, accommodation, catering, activities … More than a day in a group, it is a real adventure and immersion in the heart of Provence that we offer you! Live real adventures through the vineyards and the terroir of our region surrounded by nature with the team building activities of Vignévasion.

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